On the 25th of April of 2017, I began a journey, to share poetry over the course of one hundred days. Some works were brand new, others were written over the past few years while living in South Korea. I did this for multiple reasons. Firstly, to reaffirm my focus on my craft, to tell myself that indeed I was a poet and that was where I should be spending my time. Secondly, to step into the future.

My journey concluded on the 2nd of August. Sometimes it was easy, find a poem, clean it up and push publish but at other times it was very difficult, reliving old experiences,  feeling their loss and having to find my way out the other side. On the whole however, it was a rewarding experience and I feel as if it definitely succeeded in pushing me in the right direction and also in making me a stronger poet. 

You can following the link HERE to take you to Day One.