Getting Them Published: Two

As great as it is to have my poems tip-toeing their way across the internet, there is something special about having them in print, something romantic and solid. Sure, we live in the digital age where appearing on screen is the ‘modus operandi’, the most readily utilized and accessible form of dissemination. It has taken some metal adjustment but i’m getting there, in terms of seeking out, understanding, making the most of and appreciating the digital form but still the thrill of opening the cover, flicking through the pages and revealing the words I’d cobbled together is undeniably satisfying.

The Garfield Lake Review produce by Olivet College out of Olivet, Michigan was kind enough to accept two of my poems for publication in both downloadable, digital form and in their print journal.

If you’re too far away to get your hands on a printed copy then head over to their website where you can download it as a PDF. Follow the link HERE or click on the screen-grab below. 

The Garfield Lake Review Website


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