Getting Them Published: One

I write poetry, among other things but first and foremost, I write poetry.

It took me a very long time to own up to this simple fact, despite the overwhelming evidence. Firstly, i actually did and do write poems. I remember very clearly the first forays i made into poetry and i remember why. I was thirteen years old and my English teacher at the time, he was Spanish, English being his second language but as with many people who have learnt English as a second language, had a good grasp of the mechanics, a better grasp than most native speakers i dare say.

Secondly, I have poet in Chinese ( 诗人, shīrén ) tattooed on my arm. Obtained when I was eighteen, along with other ink, all of which has meaning and constant relevance. Yet despite the permanence of a tattoo and the motivation behind getting it I was still not strong enough to call myself a poet. I should have done that from the moment I set pen to paper and wrote my first four line rhyming stanza.

Many years have past and many wrong roads have been taken but now i’m here, a poet. Still writing and now, finally, having my poems published.

The Wild Word is a Berlin based online magazine that publishes monthly. Each edition is themed and sometime ago I submitted a trio of poems in the hope they would like something. They liked one and it now adorns their website. Since August of last year I have been taking the act of submitting my poetry very seriously. This is the third poem that has been accepted since then and the first to be sent out into the ether.

Please enjoy.

You can click on the screenshot below of follow the link from HERE

The Wild Word screenshot


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